El Carme. Social and urban Chronicle of a historic district RAFAEL SOLÁZ ALBERT


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The first chapter covers nearly eight centuries of history of the neighborhood, since he was a Muslim suburb, to the founding of the convent of the Carmelites who gave name to the neighborhood, up to now it is characterized by a cultural space and The second chapter, perhaps the most curious and interesting, reflects the social life through different eras, its artisan and laborer nature, which both had to do with the union Valencia. As for his celebrations there collected enough of them missing, with special attention to the altars and ceramic retablos that existed in each of the streets and squares where celebrations were held in honor of a patron saint, the first time he goes to the this relationship light. There is also a tour of the failures of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, without forgetting the current celebrations of the Brotherhood of Carme, the Blessed Gaspar Bono and the Altar de Sant Vicent. The planning reflects the changes in the 800 years of history, from a Muslim plot, how the neighborhood grew, how was integrated into the city with the construction of the Christian wall of the sixteenth century, the vicissitudes of later times, and as Tours start by building a now lost street, with streets and squares that have changed title or have simply disappeared. After the current street is listed, with the history of every street, establishments, neighbors and their most vital moments. All added by the monumental Carme, missing buildings, associations, cultural centers, charities, quote of the neighborhood in many books and articles, the relationship ephemeris.
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Rafael Solaz Albert


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