NEBEA. New Test of Spanish Literature of Chess 1238-1938. With Notes on the History of Chess Spanish JOSÉ A. GANZÓN, JOSEP ALIÓ, MIQUEL ARTIGAS,


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NEBEA presents the beginnings of the literature of the game through manuscripts, many of them unknown until today, the study represents a real novelty that transcends the field of chess. Contributions mark the whole work, beginning with the study of the Book of Games, Sevilla 1283, King Alfonso X the Wise, a masterpiece for the History of Chess; analysis of the various versions of the famous Catalan and Spanish Liber de Jacobus de Cessolis; confirmation scoop dating in Valencia in 1475 of the poem Scachs d’amor, work of joint authorship of the famous poets Fenollar, Vinyoles and Castellví; or in-depth study of books and manuscripts Vicent, Lucena, Damiano, Reyna, Ruy Lopez and Alfonso Ceron. Besides presenting surprising way, unknown works, until today, three of the great figures of the Spanish Renaissance period chess (late nineteenth, early twentieth): José Tolosa and Racing, Esteban Puig Puig and especially Jose Paluzie and Lucena, which the authors have dedicated the work.

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José A. Garzón, Josep Alió, Miquel Artigas


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