Benefits, Orders and Donations. Alfonso Scrolls IV in Valencia Muncipal Archive José Hinojosa Montalvo

Una joya para los grandes amantes de la historia. Presentado en un estuche contenedor de lujo con la reproducción facsímil de privilegios, órdenes y donaciones del Rey Don Alfonso IV, conservados en el Archivo Histórico.



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It belongs to the Heritage Service of the City of Valencia, along with explanations of Professor of Medieval History and Academician of the Royal Academy of History, José Hinojosa Montalvo.

The year rule of Alfonso IV, Benigno (1327-1336), second son of James II and Blanche d’Anjou, coincide in Western history with late medieval beginnings of the crisis, which is characterized by famines, wars , pestilence, social tensions and spiritual crisis. There was a long  reign, but was driven by some events that had a decisive influence on the course of history.

The Valencia Municipal Archives has among its funds with about sixty Scrolls Benigno King constituting an outstanding documentary heritage. A chance to enjoy them through the study of Professor Hinojosa to announce the end of “the medieval fulness.”

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José Hinojosa Montalvo






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